Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Michelle Loughran - Leading the Eight Principles of CR, which are based upon the Beatitudes in Scripture.

Rick Maxie - Teaching a CR Lesson

Morgan Jones, Sharing Her Testimony

Bryan Jones

CR Kids Programs:  Celebrate Recovery has fantastic programs geared toward children of families attending CR.  Our "Open Hands" Celebrate Recovery has classes for three separate age groups.  Morgan Jones leads our Child Care class for kids ages 4 and under.  Sherry Owens and Glenda Harris lead our Celebration Place class for kids ages 5 through 11.  Michael and Morgan Bargo lead The Landing class for kids ages 12 through 18.  There's something for every age group at CR!

CR Musicians and Singers

Brad Garrett

Michael Bargo

Candon Stevens

Chad's Hope Singers

Ashley and Ann Dees
CR Resource/Sign In Desk Clerk